How much does Ionex Technology Cost?
Is this HiPMIS ( High Power Pulsed DC Magnetron Discharge) Technology?
Ionex’s HARLAN technology is a turn Key source technology which does not utilize high power pulsed DC discharge to generate high-density plasma on a magnetron. The pulsed plasma generator is specifically designed for the source to meet its process capabilities.
Comparison HARLAN Magnetron + HiPMIS PS
Deposition Rate HIGH LOW
High Density Plasma Stability VERY HIGH VERY LOW
Reactive Sputtering Stability VERY HIGH VERY LOW
High Rate MeO deposition YES NO
Metal Ions at the substrate VERY HIGH MODERATE
Retrofittable YES YES
ARC source replacement YES NO
Stable DLC Discharge YES NO
User Friendly YES NO
Can the Harlan source replace an ARC source?
HARLAN: HC6 source technology is designed to push the magnetron technology to deposit films at extreme rates with high ionization and high energy ions in a non-reactive or reactive mode (no need for gas control) without macroparticles. The films produced are hard, dense and smooth ( no need for post-treatment).
Comparison HARLAN: HC6 ARC Source
Deposition Rate HIGH HIGH
Type of Discharge VOLUME POINT
Target Utilization HIGH LOW
High Nitride Deposition YES YES
High Rate MeO deposition YES NO
Film defects: macroparticles NO YES
Post Treatment YES NO
Smooth/Dense Films YES NO
Ignitor NO YES
User Friendly YES NO
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