Advancing the future of new thin films with our turnkey PHDP (Pulsed high-density plasma)-magnetron source technology which includes a generator with proprietary pulsed output plus the enhanced magnetron. Our source technology is application driven, market specific and retrofittable.

This new technology is far superior to any magnetron equipped with a HiPMIS/HPPMS pulsed plasma generator (high power pulsed DC) in terms of plasma discharge stability, deposition rates, and film quality. Ionex’s PHDP-magnetron deposition source technology by design is focused on rate, scalability and superior film properties.

Our deposition technology offers the industrial market but not limited to a true alternative to Arc deposition due to its high ionization and high deposition rates without reactive gas control producing dense, hard and smooth thin films without any macro-particles. The new technology also offers the Semiconductor market but not limited to the ability to deposit low-stress dense films with the most stable PHDP-magnetron discharge.

Ionex is the first company globally to offer a turnkey PHDP-magnetron source technology which will expand the realm of magnetron applications and introduce leaps in new thin film materials in markets including but not limited to Semiconductor, Automotive, Smart Devices, Military, Cutting Tools and Medical Coatings, Decorative Coatings, PVD chrome plating.
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